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Card Review: Ninjitsu Art Notebook

TCG Exclusive Ninja support from The Dark Illusion.


Episode 138 – Pendulum Cookies

An overview of the new Pendulum monsters and game mechanic. We discuss some of the decks we’ve tried them out in, and our thoughts on the mechanic as a whole.We…


Back to Ninjas

I’ve been thinking about Ninjas a lot recently with ROTA at 2,┬áso here’s a deck I’ve been working on.


Pendulum Ninja Valley 2014

Here’s an idea for a pretty awesome and fun deck utilizing Pendulum Summoning.

E095 - Ninja Training

Episode 095 – Ninja Training

We go over a ton of Ninja combos and strategies, discuss their increasing power as new sets are released, and delve into a heaping helping of segues.

Episode 085 – Abyss Rising

Click to Listen Online Right Click/Save As to Download Episode 085 – Abyss Rising A pack look-through of the new set Abyss Rising.

6:50 in the morning

We’re all getting ready here for the day. We’re all fairly curious what this Oregon regionals will be like. Justen has decided to use his A Hero Lives Glads, Kyle…