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Oh Noden #1

Curious what Noden would look like with Plants, Shaddolls, Junk Synchro, and Lightsworns? Yeah, me too.  


World Superstars Talk – E157

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the latest World Superstars set release!


More Sylvan Babble

Continuing on with my Sylvan babble, here’s some ideas I’ve been thinking about for Sylvans.


Deck Profile: Sylvans

I started messing around with Sylvans again and with some testing, here’s a deck profile.


News and Regionals – E156

We discuss Yugiohs upcoming releases, as well as Justen and Kyle’s Regionals trip.


Episode 144 – Gameplay Discussion

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss some of the latest news and information about the Yugioh and the meta.


Episode 143 – Banlist – October 2014

Glow-Up Bulb, Gale, Infernity Archfiend and more are discussed in this episode about the most recent ban list, as well as some meta talk: Burning Abyss, Shaddoll, and Satellarknights.


Sylvan Deck Profile, October 2014

I’m putting Lightsworn Rulers on the backburner for a bit, now Sylvans take the spotlight.


Official October 1st 2014 Ban List

Check out the Official October 1st, 2014 Ban List. A thoroughly telling list.


Episode 136 – Jinzo and Pre Ban List Talk

Who hasn’t flirted with the idea of a Jinzo deck? Kyle and Matt take spend some time play-testing and discussing Jinzo based decks, while also getting into a pre ban…