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Let’s Beat Nekroz

In this article I go over some of the cards I’ve had experience with for playing against Nekroz.


Deck Profile: Shaddolls

YCS Seattle (in Tacoma) is upon us, so it’s time for a more competitive deck profile: Shaddolls.


Episode 149 – Secrets of Eternity

Matt and Kyle discuss the various decks they’ve been testing, and then get into a discussion on the new set, Secrets of Eternity. This episode features our first attempt at…


Episode 148 – January 2015 Banlist

Matt, Kyle and Justen discuss the new OCG banlist. Just as they are going to talk about their TCG predictions, the real TCG list appears!


Washington Regional Report 12/6/2014

A quick regional report from the Washington regionals that happened over this weekend.