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SFYP: “Zoodiac”

AKA: Super Future Yugioh Powers (SFYP), that’s what I’m calling it.

Harpies vs Kozmo

Harpies vs Kozmos

In my previous article, I talk more than a little about this match-upĀ for Harpies. I spent some more time trying to figure it out and the results were more interesting…


Deck Profile: Jet Mage

To be more exact: Performage, Artifact, Synchrons & friends!


Deck Profile: Clown Blade (first attempt)

Performage Trick Clown + Heroic Challenger – Thousand Blades = Deck?

Vampire Bram Splash

Episode 124 – Vampires

Beware their silvery fangs, their hollowed eyes and icy words. Vampires and their kingdom are the focus of our podcast this week!


Artifact Harpies – Deck Profile

Whether you’re a Harpie or Artifact player, you’ll want to see what this combination can do. I’ve been trying out the new Artifact monsters in a variety of things and…

Harpie Channeler

Harpie Deck Building

Harpies by Matt With the resources available to me, I set out to create a fun, competitive TCG Harpie Deck.