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Subterror Round-Up 02: INOV

I’ve been playing a lot with the new Subterrors and here’s some takeaways and strategies.


Deck Profile: Subterror

The early build. Before we get support and it becomes really good.


Subterror Round-up

Idea for deck building including the new Subterror archetype.


Deck Profile: Nekroz (post 11/9/15 Ban List)

Now that the deck is super cheap I’ve been playing around with it a lot for fun.


Lightsworn Babble

So, Lightsworn Rulers is pretty much non-existent, what next?

Gishkis Part 3 – Gishki Support – The Ritual Djinns

The Djinn of Rituals monsters are an archetype whose main goal is to be used as material for ritual summons. They can all be utilized from the hand, the field,…

Gishki’s Part 1 – Gishki Core – GenForce through HA5

The ¬†highlighted will be discussed at length in the current article. You should at least be familiar with the ritual monsters and the ritual spell listed. Effect Monsters:¬†Gishki Diviner,¬†[highlight]Gishki Beast[/highlight],…