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Super Future Yugioh Powers

A look at an idea using cards from sets a little farther off in the future.

Random Deck Testing

Random Deck Testing

There are too many cards and combinations, and not enough time to test them all. However, I explored some deck concepts that may inspire you.

Buster Blader Splash

Buster Blader’s new support is underwhelming

The greatest dragon-slayer is brought up into the new yugioh era with support released in the Breakers of Shadow set. A new Buster Blader-themed Fusion, 1 new Synchro, 1 new…


Deck Profile: Clown Blade (first attempt)

Performage Trick Clown + Heroic Challenger – Thousand Blades = Deck?


Trying to build Prediction Princesses…

I was intrigued by this new archetype so I’m trying my hand at the deck…


Deck Profile: Spellbook Shaddolls

Shaddolls are all Spellcasters, Spellbooks work with Spellcasters, let’s combine them into a fun deck!.


Lightsworn Dragon Rulers, July 2014

The dust has finally settled, here’s my Lightsworn build with all the new stuff that’s come out as well as some talk on future tech.