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Card Review: The True Name

One fun application I found for this card.


Card Review: Instant Fusion

With the release of the new ban list, Instant Fusion becomes a powerful new tool.

harpie splash

Harpie Tech 2016

Somehow I’ve spent the last month with Harpies. I’ve had an academic sort of fun with them. I’ve tested their Xyz options, many main deck options, and tried to add…


Monarchs Thoughts

I muddle through some of my thoughts on Monarchs.


Ban List Thoughts

My personal opinions on the potentially upcoming ban list.


Looking at Burgesstoma

I take a look at an archetype we’re not getting for a long time… ’cause I can!

Harpies and stuff splash

Harpies and Stuff

I didn’t have much time to test Harpies this week, so I won’t harp-on too long. Harpie vs Kozmos This week, I tested against Kozmos. It’s an interesting match-up because,…

Harpie Lady Splash

Harpie Lady Testing

It’s hard out there for us birds of prey. I spent a week testing the Harpie Lady archetype. The game has changed so much since I played with them back…


Chaos Dragon Monarch?

Some interesting ideas using the new card: Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal.