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Random Deck Testing

Random Deck Testing

There are too many cards and combinations, and not enough time to test them all. However, I explored some deck concepts that may inspire you.


Super Quantum Engine

A new archetype already making waves from Winged Raiders.

pendulum monsters - even worth

Are Pendulum Monsters even worth it?

Pendulum monsters are weird. They’re not like synchro or xyz monsters. Those use pre-existing cards, support pre-existing gameplay¬†by¬†accelerating it. Xyz monsters are my favorite game mechanic in any card game…


Deck Profile: Artifact Monarchs

I just can’t resist running Artifacts in any deck it’s functional in!

buster blader splash 2

Fun Buster Blader deck profile

It wasn’t easy, but after a week of testing different Buster Blader builds, I’ve fallen on one that’s awesome. Designing to solve issues Going into this build, I asked myself…


Deck Profile: Buster Blader

None other than a Buster Blader deck. Don’t get your hopes up.


Fun Deck: Budget Kozmo

I was bored, and I wanted to make Kozmos, but that’s expensive. So, I made this.


Deck Building Discussion vs. Kozmo

Join on my adventure to find a suitable trap line-up for the current meta that beats Kozmos.

Dinomist Deskbot

Dinomists and Deskbot 001?

I’m considering what to do about regionals. I’ve been playing Dinomists for a few weeks now and really like the straightforward nature of the deck. It’s power comes from two…