The Banned List Arrives

Thank you Japan!

A Spore was planted here

Since the beginning of February, we duelists have been bombarded by fake list after fake list. Each, somehow, increasing in credibility but ultimately being outed as a Photoshop mockery – Japan gets first dibbs on the list through their monthly V-Jump  magazine – or a blatant impossibility.

Many of us saw the “fake” (but actually legit) banned list that was posted on Shriek. Even though Shriek is one of the most reliable sources we have for early info, not even they could escape the chaos. The discussion that followed in the comments was pretty wild. 

Analysis of the image appeared almost immediately. Someone had scrutinized the image and found clear markings of how the image was modified. That, coupled with the startling appearance of the TCG Exclusive card “Reborn Tengu”, was too much and many duelists refused to believe. In the end, Shriek was forced to pull the list from their site.

After pulling the list, Shriek explained that the list’s posting was a mistake, and that it was only intended to be a draft so that they could post it quickly if it was verified. A reasonable explanation, but quite an inconvenient time. That’s the only time, ever, that my trust in Shriek was challenged. But, Shriek has done an outstanding job regardless, this one little incident is quite insignificant compared to the great service they provide.

Our meta is very hyped right now. We have Inzektors, Wind-Ups, Dino-Rabbit, Chaos, Plants, Agents and a handful of other decks we lovingly refer to here as “those ones that have been swept under the rug.” Everyone hoped something was going to be done about those broken strategies, like the Wind-Up loop, that robs players of their hand early-game. Cards like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, Mind Control, Dandylion have been considered banned by many duelists as soon as those early “What do you think is getting hit” discussions took place.

I’ve noticed that, at the end of each format, I settle into a groove where I’m content with how things are. Maybe that’s because I know things are about to change, and I realize that all the knowledge of the format I have will mean little soon. But it allows me to afford Konami the benefit of the doubt when it comes to new formats, and so far, they have yet to let me down. So, with each coming list, I don’t fear the change that it will bring, I look forward to the new possibilities and challenges I’ll have adapting it to my play-style.

That’s why, despite the utter destruction of the plant engine that I use for my Lightsworn Synchro deck (goodbye, two spores), I think this list is refreshing. If you listened to our latest podcast “Reasons Behind Limited Cards“, you’ll find that Kyle and I discuss some of the reasons why those hot cards were not hit, and why the Wind-Up strategy remains.

But, I’ve rambled long enough, here’s the March 2012 Banned List.





*Note: It happens very rarely, but the TCG list has been known to change slightly from its OCG counterpart. However, it is so unlikely that I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
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