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The Official July 2014 – Ban List

Check out the Official July 14th, 2014 Ban List. It’s crisp.

Konami has updated the official site with the new July 2014 ban list, so in order to report the news, I’m going to relay all the new changes on the list to you here:


Nothing this time!


  • Goyo Guardian (was Forbidden)
  • Geargiagear (was Unlimited)


  • Magician of Faith (was Limited)
  • Formula Synchron (was Limited)
  • Reinforcement of the Army (was Limited)

Newly Unlimited:

  • Dimensional Prison (was Semi-Limited)
  • Mirror Force (was Semi-Limited)


And there you have it…what do you think?

As you’ll find in our Most Recent Podcast, we discuss the very likely possibility of a clean, short list like this.

Goyo Guardian being back is great for Lightsworns because now Lumina reviving Minerva from the Graveyard because a beatstick play. If it hasn’t been announced already, we’ll probably see a reprint of it somewhere.

Geargiagear being to one makes sense in that it doesn’t take all of the fun out of the deck. It shouldn’t alienate players, because one is still amazing, but I’m happy it was addressed and the reigns were pulled in a little on this deck.

ROTA Thank you! It took a while, but it’s here. Pretty awesome to still be playing and to see this come down to two, it’s great. Maybe next list…Bestari to 2?

The D-PrisonMirror Force thing is funny because it actually makes sense. Mirror Force doesn’t impact the meta in a meaningful way, while D-Prison does. Mirror Force could have stayed at 3, and noone would have cared, but D-Prison coming back to 3 is nice for the current destruction resistant meta we have.


Here’s the Official Website.

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