Token Festival

So, as said on the Podcast I had some cool tokens made that we would hopefully give out in some way! Well, here’s the images we used for them, I think they’re pretty sweet.

First off, they’ve all got a wider edge than they will have after print. This is so that when they’re cut if they’re cut slightly off it wont affect the card design. So keep that in mind.

Here’s the card back we used:

 photo CardBack_zpsf546c948.jpg

Here’s the four Sheep Tokens:

 photo SheepTokenFullBlue_zpsb0a1d9e0.jpg photo SheepTokenFullRed_zpsd2f2d28a.jpg

 photo SheepTokenFullOrange_zpse4bbf0bd.jpg photo SheepTokenFullRust_zps13eae77c.jpg

And here’s just a generic Special Token:

 photo MokeyTokey2_zpsd5e3edee.jpg


Hope you enjoy!

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