Update on Ycg Happenings!

I hope you have been enjoying your summers and summer breaks. It’s been a really big summer for yugioh, and for the Ycgpodcast crew as well. Somehow, during this tIme of relaxation, Justen, Kyle and I have taken on more responsibilities in our daily lives that have kept us from gettin together regularly and putting on this show. The podcast consistency suffered as a result.

As you might already know, Seattle hosts America’s 1st or 2nd largest gaming convention, depending in who you ask. Leading up to this time was very busy for all of us since we were required to spread our time even thinner in order to be able to leave work to enjoy PAX.

It was during that week of sleep-work-sleep that I managed to lose the charger for my laptop, what I use for editing the podcast. I had a podcast on there still that was taking a while to edit, in addition to having so little time. At this point, I still have no idea where that cord is, maybe it was taken by the same mysterious forces that steal my socks and pens.

However, after this break, or downtime you, Kyle, Justen and I have had, we can now start getting back into the swing of things. We’ve got regionals, a Ycs in our home-town, Modolche monsters, Heratics, Gem-Knights, the Holiday tins, a new format, and so much more to talk about that you guys have been kind enough to request using our Ycg request form (link located at the top of the page).

I hope you can help us ease back into those weekly recordings you guys have come to expect as we delve back into the madness, tangents, and inside jokes.

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