Washington Regional Report: 4/12/2014

Kyle here with a regional report for this last Saturday.

Just got back from the local Washington regionals in Spokane. It was a 120 man regionals (I think it was 117 exactly, but I’m unsure, the cut-off capacity for the store it was held at was 120 and I was told it was nearly full) and I finished 16th place giving me my Nationals invite, my first in a while. The tournament was 7 rounds and I ended 5-2.

I went up with Matt and my friend Rob the day before the event because Spokane is 4 hours away from where we live and stayed with podcast listener Drew. Thanks a whole bunch Drew for letting us stay at your place for the night, that was really awesome! We left around 6 on Friday night, arrived in spokane at 11-ish and finished the end of the movie Friday Night Lights then went to bed. In the morning we left for the event being held at a local card store in the mall.

As I said, I finished 5-2, Matt finished 4-3 (though I really think he should’ve been able to go 5-2) and Rob finished 6-1 taking 3rd place with Noble Knights. Props to our friend Kevin from our locals as well who got 14th as well as Drew, who I believe got 9th. Justen was unable to come due to work.

For the event I ran good old Lightsworn Dragon Rulers. I expected to see a lot of Bujins because I was told they where really popular locally and that was true. The meta was mostly Geargia and Bujins with a small amount of Mermails and the rest being a pretty assorted amount of other reasonable decks. I saw the higher tables being taken by just about any deck that is a reasonable teir 2 deck.

Here’s the build I ran for the event:

Monsters: (30)

  • 3 Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
  • 3 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
  • 2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
  • 1 Ehren, Lightsworn Monk
  • 1 Shire, Lightsworn Spirit
  • 1 Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon
  • 2 Judgment Dragon
  • 3 Darkflare Dragon
  • 2 Lightpulsar Dragon
  • 2 Eclipse Wyvern
  • 1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
  • 1 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos
  • 1 Tidal, Drago Ruler of Waterfalls
  • 1 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms
  • 1 Debris Dragon
  • 2 Card Trooper
  • 2 Necro Gardna
  • 1 Bacon Saver

Spells: (6)

  • 3 Solar Recharge
  • 1 Charge of the Light Brigade
  • 2 Forbidden Lance

Traps: (4)

  • 3 Needlebug Nest
  • 1 Breakthrough Skill

Extra Deck: (15)

  • 1 Star Eater
  • 1 Black Rose Dragon
  • 1 Orient Dragon
  • 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
  • 1 Number 11: Big Eye
  • 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger
  • 1 Heiratic Dragon King of Atum
  • 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7
  • 1 Queen Dragun Djinn
  • 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
  • 1 Starliege Paladynamo
  • 1 Diamond Dire Wolf
  • 1 Lavalval Chain
  • 1 Constellar Hyades
  • 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon

Side Deck (15):

  • 1 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
  • 1 Rainbow Kuriboh
  • 1 Ghostrick Jackfrost
  • 2 Trap Eater
  • 2 Black Dragon Collapserpent
  • 1 White Dragon Wyverburster
  • 2 Caius the Shadow Monarch
  • 2 XYZ Encore
  • 3 Mystical Space Typhoon

I’m pretty confident in the main deck, I don’t think I would’ve changed anything about it. As far as the side deck goes, I’d probably take out 1 Trap Eater, 1 Collapserpent, 1 Wyverburster and 1 Caius and add in some combination of Malevolent Catastrophe, Trap Stun and Twister because I kept getting miffed by D-Fissure, Macro and Light Mirror.

Round 1:Me vs. Gravekeepers

So, I lost my lifepoint sheets, which means I lost the names of all the people I dueled, so sorry to any of my opponent’s for not remembering your name! Also, that’s why I’ll probably be a little more vague than normal because I wont have my lifepoint counts to look at.

Game 1: It’s game one versus potentially my worst match-up in the game, the likely-hood of me wining is incredibly slim and predicated on me opening really good and my opponent very poorly. Naturally, I lose easily and go to my side adding in MST, Ryko, Trap Eater and Caius.

Game 2: I mill Wyvern and Blaster Early and preemptively summon Blaster to add JDs to my hand so they don’t get trapped by Necrovalley later. He ends up not drawing a monster all game anyway, giving me a pretty easy win.

Game 3: Better than game 2, but he still has a low monster count, but honestly that’s GKs for ya. I draw MSTs and Lylas meaning I don’t loose to Necrovalley. I slowly grind him out until I eventually swarm after MSTing a Necrovalley.

1 – 0

Round 2: Me vs. Geargia

Game 1: It’s kind of a slow grind at the beginning, but the flow is in my favor most of the game and I end up OTKing with JD and Lightpulsar stuff,

Game 2: He goes first sets Armor and Compuslory, Gear and something else. I go summon Lyla, he Compulses. Then end phase Gears and I scoop. Fastest game all day. He admits he opened broke.

Game 3: I go first, summon Trooper mill 3. He goes summon MK2 plays D-Fissure and attacks my Trooper and then sets 2, I go summon Lyla, he plays Bottomless and I end. He goes summons Arsenal and tributes to get Armor. I go set Gardna in hopes to next turn make Leviair to get Lyla, but he swarms me and overwhelms me.  I can’t make a comeback next turn and he wins.

This Geargia guy ends up taking 4th.

1 – 1

Round 3: Me vs. Fire Kings

Game 1: He opens Tenki searches Wolfberk and summons Yaksha set 2. I open Trooper and crash he gets a Garunix, I set Nest. He specials Garunix then attacks. I go and summon Lyla and use its effect but he has Skill Drain. I then play Nest, summon Darkflare and get my Blaster and use it to kill Garunix then attack a Yaksha he summons. It gets later in the game and he’s losing because I have the DRulers sitting under Drain and he MSTs his own Drain and I win next turn with JD.

Game 2: He opens T-King and sets Call of the Haunted. I summon Trooper and crash to draw and set Nest again. He end phase revives T-King. He goes and summons Yaksha and attacks with both it and T-King and sets one. I go, I Trap Eater the Call and thus kill T-King. He responds to the summon by flipping Imperial Iron Wall. I play Nest. I revive Light Pulsar Dragon by discard a LIGHT and a DARK then attack he destroys Garunix in hand. Main Phase 2 I realize that I hadn’t normal summoned yet and normal Gardna and make Black Rose to pop Iron Wall and Lightpulsar. I revive Darkflare and pitch a Dragon Ruler sending Eclipse to banish the Garunix. Eclipse searches JD. (I could’ve OTK’d that turn had I known I hadn’t normal summoned before the battle phase) Push comes to shove and I summon JD then 3 Dragon Rulers and attack for game in 2 more turns.

2 – 1

Round 4: Me vs. Fire Fist

Game 1: He opens Traptrix Myrmeleo and adds Bottomless and then Duality’s into Tenki to search Bear. He then sets 3 and ends. I summon Trooper and kill Myrmeleo and end. He summons Bear kills. The game ends up going really really long and I end up pulling out a victory by grinding with Lightpulsar and an Ehren. He doesn’t appear to be running Fiendish Chain, Breakthrough Skill or Veiler?

Game 2: He opens Myrmeleo to add Trap Hole (meaning he opened with Bottomless), then plays Tenki and adds Bear and Duality’s into a Dimensional Prison. He plays Dimensional Fissure and sets 3 and ends. Pretty much the same as game 1 except with a D-Fissure. I opened 2 Troopers, Blaster, Darkflare, JD and Lyla. If I summon the Lyla it will either get Bottomless’d or normal Trap Hole’d which would only leave room for him to get another Tenki with his Bear and make me lose faster. Also, the odds of drawing into an MST or Lance and playing through the D-Fissure that way are better than me drawing and summoning 3 Lylas, the first two into Bottomless and Trap Hole, because of this I end my turn doing nothing. He attacks on his turn and ends. I draw another Dragon that I can’t use and pass banishing Trooper. He summons Bear and attacks with it and Myrmeleo putting me at 3100, meaning next turn if both attack directly I lose. I draw into Ryko and set it with only wishful thinking as my hope for survival but he uses Bear to kill it and attacks for game. So essentially I do nothing until he attacks for game… super.

Game 3: I open Trooper milling a spell, Darkflare and Blaster. He opens Myrmeleo adding Bottomless and Duality into Dimensional Prison then play D-Fissure again and attacks over my Trooper. -____- I summon Eclipse and attack into Myrmeleo and he uses D-Prison. This part is a little hazy, but I think he summons Wolfberk and attacks with both. I draw into no Lyla, Ryko or MSTs yet again, so I summon Blaster from grave by banishing the graveyard Darkflare and in hand JD. He uses bottomless. I then summon Eclipse again and crash with Berk. He goes and attacks again. I go, set Debris and end. He attacks Debris then ends setting some more cards. I go and normal Necro Gardna then Synchro for Black Rose but he has Black Horn and negates. Next turn he attacks again. I summon Lyla next turn and he Warnings and I scoop.

2 – 2

Round 5: Me vs. Masked HEROs

Game 1: I go first and open Lumina Lumina Lyla and end. That means I win, and eventually I do.

Game 2: He goes first sets 3 and ends. The play I make right here causes me to lose, I normal Shire and attack for petty damage and he play Dimensional Prison on it. I had Debris Dragon and Lumina in hand, so allowing Shire to get banished and not allowing myself to mill first turn was detrimental. I end up grinding for a while but can’t get over his Absolute Zero because I only have Tempest and Tidal, and if I summon Tidal Zero goes up to 3000 attack.

Game 3: I don’t remember what happens, but I recall destruction!

3 – 2

Round 6: Me vs. Geargia

Game 1: He goes first sets 3 and ends. I set 2 and end. He ends without doing a play. My turn I flip Nest and he chains Macro Cosmos… that made me kinda upset. As per normal I don’t draw Lyla or Ryko in the situation and once I do get a Lyla their’s a Bottomless waiting. I always wonder why it’s easier to draw Bottomless Trap Hole than it is Lyla. I end up losing.

Game 2: I open Lumina Lumina Lyla, easy win.

Game 3: Very back and forth but I end up milling well and getting a JD in hand plus Tidal Tempest in grave and 4 names, but I only have the 1 JD and 1 other card in hand. I have Darkflare, M7 and defense mode Lyla on my side of the field. End phase he flips Call reviving Geargiarmor. His turn, he flips Armor face-down then re-flips it adding Geargiaccelerator and summoning it. My opponent summons an Exciton Knight while he has more cards than me and tries to nuke and I ask how many cards he has and he realizes he has more cards than me and tries to take back summoning Exciton and I say no. We end up having to call the head judge and the head judge obviously says he can’t take it back because that’s stupid. He then plays 3 Upstart Goblins putting me at 11,000 and then summons Mk II reviving another and then summons 2 Accelerators from hand. He makes Acid Golem and 101 to eat my M7. He attacks over my remaining monsters. I go summon JD and nuke. Pretty much was game from their, but it got dragged on a bit further because I let him Debunk my Tidal which I summoned by banishing Tempest, leaving me to attack for game over a couple turns with JD only.

4 – 2

Round 7: Me vs. Gimmick Puppets

Matt played this kid and lost earlier due to essentially misplays and cheating, but I felt like I had a firm grasp on how Gimmick Puppets worked so I mentally decided this would be an easy game.

Game 1: He goes first, summons the Armageddon Knight Gimmick Puppet that sends a Puppet from the deck to the grave then sets two and ends. I summon Lumina Lumina Lyla and Lyla hits a T-Roar which he chains. I mill a lot of good things. Next turn he summons Zombiestein and attack with it and the Armageddon guy (who has 1200). I Gardna the Stein saving me a Lumina and Lyla. Next turn I Lumina in Lumina into another Lyla and hit his other back row. Then I make Paladynamo and he negates it with Zombiestein discarding his last card. I attack both of his monsters and kill them. He goes sets a monster. I go and OTK.

Game 2: I don’t really know why he made some of the plays he did this game, but I’ll tell you what happens anyways. He goes first, sets a monster and 2 Spells or Traps. I go and summon Trooper mill 3 and he T-Roars to prevent me from battling. His turn, and he plays Dark Hole to my confusion. His face-down was the Armageddon Knight one I draw for Trooper. He sets another monster, turning out to be another Knight dude. I go and make a really grandiose play that destroys all of his cards and gets me a JD in hand and attacks for what will be game if he does nothing on his next turn. He draws for turn then throws out a hand shake.

5 – 2

And that was the tournament. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!

QOTW? Question of the Week:

Who’s read the card “Soul Charge” that was announced today and what are your thoughts?

Written by: Kyle

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