Where to next?

The Christmas season is now over, so now what?

This will more or less just be an update on the goings ons of the YCG crew en lieu of a more meaty article. We took a break from the podcasting schedule for the holidays, it was simply too busy to really get anything planned, so sorry for the lack of uploads. I’ve also had very little time on my hands to do much article writing either much less any ideas for what to write about. I could have made another update on Lightsworns with yet another iteration of the deck, but I decided I’ve done enough of that already, at least for my own liking. I don’t have anything in particular other than Lightsworns in my arsenal right now so that left me very little to theorize about.

As with many decks, Lightsworns have started to reach that stage of stale drawing, where you just can’t seem to get a good hand no matter how hard your try. I’ve gotten to this awful place where I seem to be incapable of drawing a single card that mills, despite having stupid amounts of mill power. I’ve thought about running Upstart Goblin, but what to cut for it? Alas, as I reach this precipice with yet another deck, I must do what I always do once I’ve reach this place, which is make another deck.

This may make me sound like some kind of sour puss, but I’m really unmotivated to do so because the meta really sucks. I know everybody and their mom says “this meta is bad” and thinks that with a simple fix on the ban list is gonna help out and the next format will just be grand, but my gripe really comes down to just Yu-Gi-Oh! as a whole is starting to reach a state where it is broken, nigh un-fixable. As I’ve at least hinted before, I pretty much refuse to make any cookie cutter deck that Konami spoon feeds me, because I want to build decks and you literally can’t. I honestly couldn’t give less of a crap about winning with Constellars or Evilswarms or other blatantgood.dek. If I didn’t build the deck myself, I just don’t care. Having to play against those decks isn’t anymore fun when bad 10 year old Billy Joe Brown can open *name your auto-combo* and win against my deck that I worked hard to make with little to no effort. Now, I’m not expecting just because I put effort into a deck it should succeed, that’s wrong. I’d just like to not get sacked 1 out 3 games like happens now. Cards are being made too powerful, it’s just that simple.

Moving along to other things. I was thinking about what to start using next, as I said, so in the future you’re likely to see decks from some of these brews: Heraldic Beast, Monarchs, Ninjas, Chaos & Chaos Dragons. Heraldic Beasts seems the most interesting, especially if we get the new support soon. Also, with the upcoming Legacy of the Valiant there are two Rank 4 XYZ of particular interest to any deck that can spam Rank 4’s that I think will significantly boost the deck. I won’t be naive though, I’m pretty confident I will not being getting an Evilswarm Beelzebuth because I can almost guarantee it will be Secret Rare and valued at $100. Even if it was Super Rare I’d bet it’d go for at least 20, but who knows with the whole 3 month format thing.

Completely un-Yu-Gi-Oh! news, schools started up again for me, so despite being less busy now that the holidays are over, I am now busy again with school, so yay!

QOTW? Question of the Week:

Kind of a more strange question, has anybody else seen the new My Little Pony Collectible Card Game at your locals? Me and a couple of my friends bought structure decks and played it and it’s actually a really well made game, so I might start playing that more if it gets some good support. After the scouring the internet it looks like the game is already taking off quite nicely.

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