Where’s the Podcast?

I bet you’re were wondering. Here’s a quick update.

It’s been months since the last podcast, but that wasn’t the plan. We had recorded a Clash of Rebellions podcast, which would’ve been episode 160, but as far as my knowledge of sound files is concerned, the file/(s) for the podcast are corrupted and unusable and we basically relegated that recording to the burning abyss and moved on. After recording the podcast something or order went wrong when we tried to save the file and our audio program closed and didn’t keep the file. Unfortunately, if you where looking to hear a podcast about CORE then you’re out of luck, because we don’t plan on re-recording a second version because that’s a lot of work scheduling wise, etc.,  and it’s especially weird to re-say things that your recorded before; very deja vu.

As is our custom, at random times during intervals between podcasts, sometimes extra weeks are stacked together and larger gaps form because of difficulty scheduling and whatnot and thus it took us longer than normal to get back together for the next podcast, a.k.a. a long break. We have now recorded a podcast about the Synchron structure deck and I would promise it up sometime next week, but Matt’s schedule and how quickly he edits is a mystery to me. It’s safe to say it’s in the works though and should be up shortly.

As for future podcasts, we should hopefully be back on track for a more regular schedule in the future with weekly to bi-weekly podcasts in the future. After the Synchron podcast we’ll be looking into the new pack High-Speed Riders, so look forward to that I suppose. As always, I’ll continue to post weekly articles here as well.

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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