YCG Podcast Update 9/1/14

Update on the YCG podcast crew and going ons.

Hey, just giving an update on the good ‘ol YCG podcast, since as you may see there was no Monday article today, nor was there a Podcast upload this week.

First, this weekend was PAX Prime, located in Seattle, and we record the YCG podcast in Washington State, the state in which PAX Prime takes place, thus we naturally where attending it. On top of that it was already a pretty hectic week because it was finals week at school for myself (Kyle) and I had to work every day I earlier in the week because I have the PAX days requested off.

That being said, no article or no podcast this week. We have a pre-recorded Destiny HERO podcast locked and loaded, but due to the same reasons Matt has been unable to edit and upload it, so you can look forward to that in the future. I myself will be getting back into the regular Monday articles next Monday, so don’t fret we’ll be back!

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