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Hey so I bet you where wondering why there’s been no Podcast for the past few weeks? Well we finally know the reason! Or at least I finally figured out why. The problem is that Matt’s laptop, which houses all the Podcast files, video files and even editing tools, ran out of battery and Matt misplaced his charging cord for that said laptop. With that, combined with very difficult summer schedules we’ve been unable to get recorded podcasts up.

So, what’s going to happen? Well I’ll tell you, we’ve actually got about 3 podcasts queued up and here’s how hopefully the next few uploads are going to work out. I found Matt’s cord, so the next meeting I see him we’ll be up and running, that’ll be on the 3rd podcast in from here (episode 113) ¬†which we’ll be recording on the 6th, which is 4 days from now. From then on we should be back to normal and you’ll likely get a big clump of content in the near future.

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Episode 111: Nationals Talk

Kyle, Matt and Justen will go over their thoughts on the most recent Nationals event for the U.S. and briefly talk about other countries Nationals and how we see the upcoming World Championship event.

  • Episode 112: Judgment of the Light

Judgment of the Light is just around the corner and Kyle and Joe, a strange hosting duo, talk about the set and its impact on the game and some of their favorite cards from the pack.

  • Episode 113: September 2013 Ban List Speculations

Kyle, Matt and Justen return as the trio once again to talk about the next ban list, speculate what they think it will likely be as well as what they’d like to see.

  • Fix-it Friday Video: Rank 8 Dragon Spam

Kyle hosts another Fix-It Friday video this time focusing on Dragons and the devastating power of Rank 8 XYZ.

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