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Yugioh Splurge 3: New Format

Just talkin’ about what I think will happen after the new ban list.

The new ban list is official starting in 1 week of this article. With it it looks like we wont be seeing any kind of Shaddolls, Nekroz or Qliphorts any time soon unless we get some big time innovations by creative players. Personally, I feel all 3 of those deck still function completely fine, but they’re not nearly as overpowering as other decks like Kozmos or Infernoids might be, which they had a large advantage over previously. Basically, they’ve all been knocked into the abyss of teir 2 and lower decks, being playable, but very difficult to play on a competitive level.

Of the decks that got hit, I’m not all too sure if Burning Abyss are still going to remain as a relevant meta threat or not. They certainly still function, but it’s not hard to imagine why 1 Graff and 2 Cir would make the deck less powerful. The odds of randomly milling with a Dante turn 1 into a super powerful turn 1 are almost zero now, but other than that the decks functionality really hasn’t changed that much. Recent innovations in the deck using Back Jack and Fiend Grieving I think give the deck vitality even after the ban list hits, so i expect to see the deck continue to see competitive play.

Satellarknights only got hit in the form of Reinforcement of the Army to 1, which is very negligible. I expect this deck to remain very relevant going forward. More players with probably be running Skybridge for more consistent access to Deneb, but other than that the deck will likely remain unchanged. With the elimination of threatening decks like Shaddolls and Nekroz from their radar I don’t see why this deck wont be a teir 1 threat at least until new archetypes that are better start coming out.

With the addition of the new Kozmo exclusives the deck looks like it’s primed to easily be the best deck. I honestly hate this deck, it has terrible design and plays in an incredibly boring way, so the idea that it’s probably the best is rather boring. I expect people will quickly be siding, if not maining some form of Cyber Dragon because it’s one of the most functional ways to deal with the 2 boss monsters of the Kozmo deck. Additionally, with the eventual release of Cyber Dragon Infinity, a pure Cyber Dragon build might be something of a possibility as a counter to Kozmos.

Another deck that really only sees benefit from this list is Infernoids. After seeing a first place finish at a regionals the deck gain new momentum, and with just about every deck around it being knocked down a level it now looks like a pretty hot prospect. My only fear for the deck is that it is super easy to side against, especially considering the cards worth siding against it already appear to be relevant sides against the new meta. I’ve considered main decking Imperial Iron Wall in decks in the future meta because it can combat Infernoids, Kozmos, PSYframes, and other future meta decks.

As far as new deck are concerned, the only deck I really have an eye on is Majespecters. We also get Graydles and D/D/D, but I’m not too thrilled with either upon reading them.

As for myself, for now I’m using U.A. Speedroids at my local tournaments and I’ve found very good success with them. I’ll be looking to engineer some kind of new Shaddoll deck, but I don’t really expect much out of that. The good news for Shaddolls is you can run Light-Imprisoning mirror now, which is pretty fantastic since it’s good against almost the entire meta. I’m also trying to figure out the best way to utilize the new Kaiju monsters, and I have high expectations for that. We’ll see what happens.

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Written by: Kyle Oliver

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