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Monarchs without Frogs, that is my discussion!

So, I was playing around with Frog Monarchs not to long ago, as you are all aware I’m sure. (sarcasm please) I played with the deck a bit and came to the realization that I really didn’t want to have to use Frogs anymore. I felt as if I could only open in the deck well if I opened Swap Frog and I didn’t really like that. As I’ve said in previous articles, I have been wanting to find an effective way to utilize the baby chaos dragons: Light Dragon Wyverburster and Dark Dragon Collapserpent. Way I’m going to unveil now is that ideas first form, which isn’t all that special despite the build-up of sorts.

The baby Dragons, Wyverburster and Collapserpent, are both Level 4 Dragons, LIGHT and DARK respectively. Wyverburster can be special summoned from the hand by banishing a DARK monster in the graveyard and conversely Collapserpent can be summoned by banishing a LIGHT monster. You can only summon 1 of each this way a turn. When either is sent to the graveyard they search the opposite. What this means is that you can Special Summon one of the two, then tribute it for a tribute summon and it will search the other. Do not be fooled though! Someone may tell you they miss the timing or something along those lines, but this is false! The baby chaos dragons never miss the timing under any circumstance. Whether tributing or using as a Synchro material they will search the other. (as long as you have another in the deck) This makes them like a more controlled version of Reborn Tengu, with different advantages and disadvantages.

This is great for Monarchs because they provide 6 tributes as long as you draw 1 of them. This of course assumes you don’t draw multiple copies, which is likely to happen. That aside, they provide a large amount of tributes on the fly, or in a pinch as some would say, and at a 1 for 1 ratio, meaning you don’t lose advantage by tributing them because they provide a search. The search is also great because it sets up your next tribute, so it’s like they add another opportunity to tribute summon to your hand when they’re tributed.

The real issue though is setting up LIGHT and DARK monsters to banish for them, which I initially struggled with. It’s really hard to find space in a deck for all the things to facilitate chaos food and also have Monarchs and baby dragons in a deck. The idea became very simple though once Rainbow Kuriboh came around.

Rainbow Kuriboh isn’t anything special for Monarchs, but what it made me realize is that there is enough hand trap styled monsters alone to provide chaos food for a deck while also facilitating monarchs Rainbow Kuriboh being one of them. There is the initial hand traps, run in most Monarch decks including Frog variants: Effect Veiler, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Tragoedia, Battle Fader and Maxx “C”. Veiler and the Gorz/Trag already provide chaos food. Fader does to an extent when combine with specific things like Treeborn Frog to make Slacker Magician which provides both a LIGHT and DARK. With both Utopia Roots and Ghostrick Dullahan this is even more versatile. (on that note the Frog Monarch extra deck is starting to require a lot more thought) Maxx “C” really facilitate other hand traps since it forces the opponent to be more weary of them and allows you to draw more of them.

Then we have some new hand traps: Rainbow Kuriboh, Ghostrick Lantern and Ghostrick Jackfrost. All of which are LIGHT and DARK as well and also facilitate tribute summoning. Kuriboh negates attacks and special summons itself from the graveyard. Lantern and Jackfrost both negate attacks and summon from the hand, Frost in particular flips monsters face-down shutting down their effects. (think Pleiades, Ophion, Dracossack etc.) You almost run Granmarg with Jackfrost, but then again Granmarg still sucks.

If you where to run all these hand traps with the maximum copies, you’d be running 21 cards. That’s a lot of cards providing defense and chaos food and valuable effects. The beauty is that it would be nearly impossible to read a deck running all of these cards because all the information is kept in the player’s hand. Combine this with baby chaos dragons, Monarchs, normal chaos monsters and some conventional spells and traps and we’ve got an interesting deck.

One thing that’s even more interesting is that the only monsters mentioned in this flurry of cards that are used for normal summons are the Monarchs. This means that 6 to 9 monsters in your deck can be normal summoned at this point, which is incredibly low unless you can always draw into them. You could potentially run a card like Return of the Monarchs to search more Monarchs (it can search Dark Armed too, keep that in mind) or just run other normal summon-able monsters en lieu. The monsters I thought of that had potential where Dimensional Alchemist, Tour Guide From the Underworld or additional Ghostrick monsters.

Dimensional Alchemist is a fantastic choice. It recurs Battle Fader and Rainbow Kuriboh naturally because they banish themselves with their effects. It Chaos loops with Chaos Sorcerer and Black Luster Soldier. It can backwards toolbox any monster in the deck except Maxx “C” and Monarchs that aren’t LIGHT or DARK by using the baby chaos dragons and the regular chaos monsters. Most of this is standard floaty chaos standard stuff.

Tour Guide is pretty simple. It provides natural synergy with the baby chaos dragons and Chaos Sorcerer by using Leviair and by providing chaos food for going to the graveyard. It provides very versatile support with all the new Rank 3 XYZ out their, specifically Ghostrick Alucard, who’s twice as nice if you run Ghostrick monsters. Alucard adds back a Ghostrick from hand to graveyard when he dies; nicely enough Lantern and Jackfrost are ideal fits for the deck to begin with. Not so surprisingly Alucard also combos with Jackfrost in the reverse since you can destroy any monster flipped face-down my Jackfrost. The other good thing is that Alucard will even add back a Ghostrick monster if he’s tributed for a tribute summon because he also never misses the timing! How do you like them apples?

The next most inherently obvious thing to run is more Ghostrick monsters. Many people have already engineered Ghostrick Monarch decks. It makes a lot of sense because they provide a lot of free tribute fodder, but on the other side they’re very slow and Monarchs only develop that fact. That aside, the Ghostricks worth running would be Ghostrick Mary, Ghostrick Specter and Ghostrick Jiangshi. Mary is pretty much the same as a Tragoedia, so it could probably replace him. Specter has some strange draw power shenanigans that keeps Ghostricks on the field. Jiangshi is a searcher, similar to Geargia Armor and is a necessity when running Mary since it summons from the deck. Ironically, as I bring them up to say cards that take up normal summons, the only one that really does that is Jiangshi. So in the end it’s even less normal summoning if you go this route.

With that said, let my experimentation begin!

Also, sorry for not using any visual/images for my articles. My Photobucket account ran out of bandwidth and I surely will not pay money to get an advanced account.

QOTW? Question of the Week:

Assuming we get Mega version of all the Monarchs, seeing as we’ve gotten Mega Granmarg and Mega Mobius, what do you think they could do for the effect of Mega Thestalos? Will it discard 2 cards from the opponent’s hand and do burn damage? What will it secondary effect be? Theorize with me!

Written by: Kyle

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