Yugioh Investment Portfolio 2: Week of 3/4/12

Just a quick update on some important price changes as there isnt alot of new product or info at the moment.

YIP 2:


Evolzar Dolkka: Man this thing just keeps on rising. Partly due to a lack of supply, Dolkka just keeps on shooting up, and has currently stabilized at 70-80. I don’t see him going past Rescue Rabbit in price, so it’s safe to say that he’ll stay around that range for a while unless there’s another supply shortage. When it comes time for GAOV to release the Evol hype might carry him a bit farther up, so stay alert if your looking for the opportune time to sell!

Rescue Rabbit: Still on the slow rise, at 85 dollars with little sign of stopping soon.

Evotile Core: Rising across the board. Westlo and Cerato at 10$, Evo Force at 4, and Najasho at a solid 3.

Banlist Special! Torrential Tribute: The only card to see a solid rise after the banlist was confirmed (*sighs and looks at Emergency Teleport*), the holo versions of this card shot up through the roof, with the gold series version seeing a almost 250% rise from 7ish to a solid 20. The price is stable now but if many of the top decks in the next YCS run 2 Torrentials, expect it to shoot up a bit more.


Tour Guide from the Underworld and Tour Bus from the Underworld: With TGU’s reprint looming ever closer, TGU is finally starting its slow drop, hitting a record low of 100-110. Falling along with it is Tour Bus, which also hit a new low of 30 and dropping. Tour Bus is probably dropping due to the increased supply of ORCS, but the writing has been on the wall about TGU for a long time. If you haven’t sold them yet, now’s as good of a time as any.

Everything from ORCS: As predicted, almost every chase card from ORCS has hit record lows, athough if your looking for the best deals most of the cards still have a bit of dropping to do.


Fiendish Chain: This card is sitting on the brink right now. A confirmed reprint of this card is announced in Battle Pack, Epic Dawn and its getting closer and closer every day. I honestly dont know how much longer Fiendish Chain can sustain its ridiculous 50-70 dollar price point, and it can only go down from here. If you still have it and can get a good price for them, sell em now.


Evolzar Laggia: This card is slowly starting to creep up in price with GAOV getting closer, but you can still find them for 15-16 if you look hard enough. Dont wait till its too late to pick this up!

Good Idea: 

Everything from last week still applies. Hieroglyphs are destroying in the OCG, just a heads up.

Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction: Pretty much as close to a sure thing as you can get. Recipe for making money:

1. Buy X amount of Acid Golems for their current price of 5.

2. Wait 3-6 months.

3. Sell them for more than you paid for them due to them being a staple in almost every extra deck and practically replacing Leviathan Dragon.

4. ????


Bad Idea: 

Expensive cards that will be reprinted in the Battle Pack: Pay out the wazoo for expensive cards, or wait a 2 months and get them for a fraction of the price? You decide. Before you buy a expensive card, check to see if its due for a reprint in the battle pack.

Wild Card: 

Wind-Up Rabbit: Its price may be stable now at 60, but expect for the upcoming YCS to heavily influence its price, for better or worse.


And that wraps up this weeks YIP. See ya guys next time!




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