Yugioh Investment Portfolio 3: Week of 3/11/12 (NEW PRODUCT INFO!)

The drought of information on upcoming Yugioh products has ended today, and this article will tell you all about them and exactly how they affect your investments.

YIP 3:



Rescue Rabbit: 90-100 and still rising.

Dolkka and the Evol Core have more or less stabilized in price for the time being.




Everything from ORCS (Still): Slowly dropping. Hornet has dropped down 10$ from its pre-ORCS:SE price. Time will tell if ORCS has any more dropping left to do.




Nothing of note.



Secret Village of the Spellcasters, Wonder Wand & Magical Exemplar: Wonder Wand  and Super Rare Magical Exemplars can be scooped up from various places for 1-2. Secret Village will run you 8-10 however. An update from my previous posts, these are the cards most likely to be relevant to the Return of the Duelist Spellcasters. As an investment, its usefulness remains to be seen. However if you plan on running them in the future, these cards wont get any cheaper than this so now is the best time to get them.


PRODUCT INFO PREFACE: Here’s where the new info will be discussed (this will be replacing Good Idea, Bad Idea, and Wild Card)


STARTER DECK: XYZ SYMPHONY: This really isnt a real threat or investment opportunity, as most of these cards are irrelevant or brand new. Only thing this structure deck does is lower the price of Number 39: Utopia even more. OH NOES.

YOUR NEW GALACTIC OVERLORDS: Hieratic Dragons (The new TCG names of the Hieroglyph Dragons) are shaping up to be the next tier 1 deck, receiving 2 new TCG exclusive cards that greatly improve the consistency of an already deadly deck, “Draconnection” and “Trial and Tribulation” (Phoenix Wright reference?)  They will be the superstars of Galactic Overlord, and should unquestionably be at the top of your priority list going to your sneak peak along with Card Car D, a card that’s ran in 3’s in almost every Hieratic deck in the OCG. Kevin Tewart’s custom archetype (From the Underworld) is reviving more support, and some powerhouse XYZ monsters are being imported over here (Number 7 and Big Eye!). For the full scoop, click HERE! What does this mean to you? Anything having to do with Hieratic Monsters (REDMD and Super Rejuvenation) should be hoarded if you can get them for a decent price or as a throw in to your trade. If the new From the Underworld support monster (Tardy Orc) ends up being decent to amazing, it might be one more reason to try to get Battle Pack Tour Guides in the future (Not that most people need another reason to get them…)

TCG GOLD SERIES: HAUNTED MINE: The new gimmick with this pack is ghost gold rares. OMG! Notable reprints include Gorz, Barkion, Brionac, Bureido, and Solemn J. More should be announced as the release date gets closer so investors should keep their eyes on this pack to see which of their favorite money cards Konami has scheduled for a reprint.

SAMURAI WARLORDS STRUCTURE DECK: Just when you thought Samurais were done getting support, Konami decides they need EVEN MORE! This structure deck will include a Six Sam Xyz Monster! This plus Smoke Signal recently being put to 2 indicates that Konami wants Samurais to dominate another summer of Yugioh…Anyways this structure deck will include reprints of some of the most popular Samurai cards, Great Shogun Shien, Kizan, Musakani Magatama, and Six Spamurai United! Most importantly, it includes another reprint of Fiendish Chain! Fiendish Chain has been hanging on for dear life to its price point of 50$, and this reprint announcement might be just the boot to the fingers this card needed to break its grip and make it fall in price. Most of the cards in this structure deck have not been announced, so again anyone with Six Sam money cards should keep a wary eye on this structure deck and sell immediately if any of their cards get threatened.

Thats all for this week! See you next week!


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