Yugioh Investment Portfolio (YIP) 1: Week of 2/26/12

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Yugioh Investment Portfolio (henceforth abbreviated YIP). The purpose of these articles are to give some insight into the ebb and flow of Yugioh card prices, and help you get information on popular cards, archetypes, and packs so you know the right time to buy and unload key cards. If there’s one thing you need to take away from these articles it’s this: timing is everything.

The formatting will be a little rough around the edges in the beginning as I try to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If you have any input on what would make this article better, feel free to email me at justen@ycgpodcast.com. Without further ado…

YIP 1:

Intro on categories:
The cards I discuss will be separated into 7 categories:
Rising indicates cards that are quickly or steadily rising in price.
Falling is the inverse; cards that are quickly or steadily dropping in price.
Topped is a card that has reached a perceived threshold in price: something that “can’t go up anymore” and can only stay in the same price range or fall. These cards are prime candidates to be sold off.
Bottomed is a card (often a good one) that has for various reasons dropped in price. These cards are often good choices to pick up so they can be flipped later for profit when the card price jumps.
Good idea is a card that while maybe not good or relevant at the moment has a high chance to come into prominence with future packs or meta shifts. Often the most lucrative money is made from these cards.
Bad idea is a card that for various reasons just hasn’t lived up to it’s potential or hype. Sometimes it’s a card that has been overshadowed by another or a good card due for a reprint or supply influx. No matter the circumstance it’s usually a good idea to dump these cards and recoup whatever money you put into them unless you see them going back up for one reason or another in the future.
Wild card is a card that defies the norms of Yugioh. It can be a card that due to unforeseeable circumstances has wildly fluctuated in price, or a card that has mixed speculation around it. Good or bad is anyone’s guess with the most extreme cases of these cards, but it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on the cards in this category.

Now onto this weeks review:


The Evol Core (Westlo, Evo Force, Cerato, Najasho): From the minute the Evol RotA was announced in Galatic Overlord, Evol stuff has been getting hyped up the yin yang. The numbers dont lie. Most Evol cards have at least tripled in price, with Westlo hitting 7-10 (up from 2-2.50), Cerato at 6-7 (from 2-3), Evo Force at 3-3.50 (from a buck) and Najasho at 3-3.50 as well (from a buck to a buck fifty.) If Evols will actually live up to the hype is another, irrelevant question entirely. The smart thing to do is find all the cheap Evol cards you can get your hands on, hoard them till GAOV releases, then sell them en mass so that whether the archetype bombs or not, you make a pretty penny. Hoard them for even longer than that if you got the guts :]

Blade Armor Ninja: These guys put in work over in OCGland, being a staple in bubble beat, a very competitive deck over there. They’re creating minor hype here as well, not only in heroes, but people are theorizing that they will be used in Sams as well. I don’t buy that personally, as Samurais have a lot better things they want to do with their monsters, but seeing as this guy is already at 10 I don’t think it matters much either way. Buy cheap and hold onto them till the next YCS. Watch the market like a hawk if you invest heavily in these and unload them at the drop of the hat as this isn’t a very safe investment IMO.

Rescue Rabbit: After a perplexing drop in price after YCS Atlanta where DinoRabbit took over half the top 32, these little guys are finally shooting back up in price, peaking at 75. I still think they have some more rising to do before they cap in price seeing as there will be no more supply very soon since PHSW is due to go out of print. The demand is omnipresent for them, a core set secret thats a staple at 3 in the most popular and dominant deck of this format. Pick these up even if you can only get a marginal discount and hold onto them as long as you want (try to sell them off before the pre Sept 2012 banlist jitters start as the market becomes very stupid at that time.)

Evolzar Dolkka: Maybe due to in part to the Evol hype but Dolkka has also seen a surprise rise in price, currently sitting at 45-50. Dolkka is a strong option against Wind-Ups, which might also be creating demand for it. Not really a way to profit off this at this point, because I don’t see it rising too much higher than its current price, but if you feel like risking it/can get them cheap, go for it as the investment is very safe.


Shard of Greed: Slowly but steadily, Shard of Greed has been falling since the March 2012 banlist was leaked, it’s sitting at 15-18 as of now, and it will likely keep dropping. If your in for the long term, however, it would be a good idea to hold onto them as there’s a high possibility of Heavy Storm being banned next banlist, which will raise Shards price dramatically.

RYMP and LGCX singles: Now this is hilarious. The price of everything in LGCX has fallen through the floor due to the release of RYMP. But for reasons unknown, barely a week after it’s release the price of RYMP singles have fallen as well. Needless to say, if your holding onto singles from these packs, unload them ASAP.

Effect Veiler: This card has been inching its way down, but for those of you with dreams of dirt cheap ultra/ultimate Veilers keep dreaming; the price looks to stabilize very soon, where there will be very little hope of it dropping anymore. If you have Veilers you should have already gotten rid of them a LONG time ago, but if you still have them, better late than never. Sell those suckers.


Maxx “C”: This card has started its rise from its comfortable price point of 60 immediately after YCS Atlanta, then saw a sharp spike in price when the banlist was confirmed, settling at 110-120, where its sat up till now. There are signs that it’s weakening and will start dropping, as more and more eBay vendors are selling them under established prices (anywhere from 90-100) and it’s only a matter of time before vendors and everyone else wises up. Sell off your Maxx “C”s if your going to at all because this is the highest you’ll get for them short of a massive, unforeseeable metagame shift in its favor.


Evolzar Laggia: Now here’s a real puzzle. A staple card in DinoRabbit at 2-3, this cards power over the metagame is very well documented and known. Yet here it is, sitting at the lowest price it’s ever been at (a flat 15). With the predictable influx of demand for this card in the future from the new Evol support in GAOV as well as the short supply of PHSW left, I find it very unlikely this card will stay this low much longer. A prime candidate to pick up and invest in because at worst you break even, and at best you take a dive in your own personal money pool.

Good idea

Shiny Spellcaster Cards: A very far off prospect, but 2 packs from now we will see a large amount of Spellcaster support from Return of the Duelist. While its a good idea to wait for them to make a splash in the OCG before committing to buying random Spellcaster cards, if you want to achieve maximum profit buying them now while there’s absolutely no hype is for you. In the coming months as more cards are revealed from Return of the Duelist I’ll try to narrow the focus of which Spellcaster cards should be invested in as the goal of the new Spellcaster cards becomes more apparent. As of now this is just something you should be aware of as your looking through people’s binders or for throw ins.

Card Car D: God this card is dumb. Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you this card won’t instantly become a factor in the meta upon release. This thin car is absolutely wrecking the OCG meta and there’s very little reason it won’t do the same here. I won’t go into the detail here as that’s a subject for a different article but this card should definitely be on your radar when you go to your GAOV sneak peak. I will update this entry in future articles as more is learned about this card (ex. Rarity).

Hieroglyph/Holy Marked: A very strong archetype coming out of the gate in GAOV, they show lots of promise, instantly making a name for themselves in the OCG. Add Konami’s penchant for giving their favorite archetypes broken TCG exclusives and it starts to sound more and more like a good idea to keep these cards in the forefront of your mind when looking for stuff at your sneak. As of now there’s not much your can pick up to prepare for them coming out as they’re fairly self contained, but picking up common/super/ultra REDMD couldn’t hurt.

Laval stuff/Super Rekindling: The next hidden arsenal will be the one that breaks Lavals. A cursory glance at the OCG meta will reveal just how dominate Lavals actually are when they have all their support. This deck is absolutely nuts, and will surely be a force to be reckoned with once we have access to it. Most Laval cards that are already out aren’t relevant to the top builds otherwise they would have seen a rise, but there’s one card that is: Rekindling. Right now on average a super Rekindling will run you 15 bucks. When Lavals become dominate I say that price could easily double. This is something I like to call a guaranteed rise, and those who act quick and decisively are often the ones who profit the most. For people with money lying around this is a superb investment.

Bad idea

Anything from ORCS before the Special Edition comes out : This one is just textbook. Konami releases a massive amount of supply into the market via a special edition with a highly sought after card inside (Effect Veiler) and what happens? Prices plummet that’s what. If your looking to get the most from your money, waiting to buy singles from ORCS till card prices stabilize after the release of the special edition could save you plenty

Wild card

Wind-Up Rabbit: Its been a wild few weeks for this rabbit as far as prices go. Slowly rising from their base price of 15-20 to the more reasonable range of 25-30 pre YCS Atlanta, a stunning 1-2 punch combo of Wind-Ups topping and not getting touched by the banlist set off the most explosive price rise in recent memory, with WU Rabbit exploding to 90-100 in a matter of DAYS. It maintained that high price point for a few more days before slowly coming down to where he is now, 65-75. Where it goes next not even I can predict, this card just seems to be highly volatile. It could just as easily go up or down, or it could stay where it is now. Who can tell?

That concludes this weeks YIP. Again I encourage you to leave me feedback on this article via commenting or email (justen@ycgpodcast.com). Your feedback counts! Till next time!

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