Episode 100 – The 100th Epishow

The 100th Epishow was intense. An entire day of Yu-Gi-Oh activities, driving, eating, laughing, and disappointment, that couldn’t be replicated again, ever. Below is a list of everything we accomplished that day.

But, before that, note that this podcast is a little over 3 hours. It’s not for the faint of heart. It begins with Kyle and Matt having a conversation about everything that happened on the Epishow and continues into their current deck ideas with a little news mixed in.

Following that, you’ll get the behind-the-scenes recordings of the Epishow. It’s like bloopers, but you’ll also get to hear some of the actual audio to the videos we produced. Feel free to skip through things you’ve seen/heard already, but make sure to listen to at least the first minute of each portion, as we bloop it during those times the most.

So without further ado, the spoils of the Epishow:

Episode 100 – The 100th Epishow – Right-Click/Save-as or Listen Online.

Mail – Wait…someone sent us something! That someone was Omniditto! Thanks, for the most part…haha.

Fix it Friday – Every other Friday we’ll be bringing you a deck from our listeners/readers, with our personal feedback on how to hone it on its potential.

Yugioh Rulebook – Videos dedicated to helping you understand the more complex parts of Yu-Gi-Oh, like game mechanics, card interactions, and lesser known facts. You can give us your suggestions by emailing rulings @ ycgpodcast.com.

Structure Deck Duel – Dinosaurs versus Robots? Cold-blooded killers against cold-hearted machines? Does it get any better?

Ninja Chaos Dragons Deck Profile – Matt talks about the current build of his Dragon deck, explains why he loves running 2 Tour Bus, and delves more into his obsession with Ninjas.

Box Opening – A mysterious Crossroads of Chaos box appears! We fish for ‘dat Ghost Black Rose.

Podcasts on Youtube –  We’ve made it to Youtube! We’ll be uploading our podcasts to Youtube as well as iTunes from now on!

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