Welcome to the Fix it Friday Page!


You’ll find the Submission Guidelines here for how to include your deck in the Fix it Friday videos created by your kind hosts at the YCGPodcast.


A Little About…
Fix It Friday will be uploaded to Youtube Every other Friday, so that’s twice per month (3 Times if you’re lucky). We’ll take 5-10 minutes to discuss your deck, and talk about what we think works and what could be improved.

Essentially, it’s the chance to spotlight decks that are unique and awesome, as well as decks that have potential and need a nudge in the right direction.



How to Go About…
Submission for Fix it Friday happens in (2) Steps:

1. Post your Deck in the Advance Format Decks section of our Forum with the current Deck Submission Guidelines.

2. Send a New Message through our Forum message system to member ‘Deck Fixer’ (no punctuation) with the link to your deck topic. Say something like “Here’s my decklist”



But, There Are Always…
Rules for Fix it Friday are pretty simple.

  • You can only submit 1 deck per Fix it Friday.
  • Submission begins the day our FiF video is scheduled to be posted. (a.k.a. every other Friday).
  • We will not accept a similar copy of any deck that was selected for a previous FiF.



If You Have…
Questions about anything regarding FiF, you can leave them in our FiF Comments and Suggestions topic in the forum, or contact us through Twitter or Facebook.

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