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Episode 153 – General Discussion Mar 2015

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the current meta, news, and their feelings on the current game state!


Episode 148 – January 2015 Banlist

Matt, Kyle and Justen discuss the new OCG banlist. Just as they are going to talk about their TCG predictions, the real TCG list appears!


Episode 144 – Gameplay Discussion

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss some of the latest news and information about the Yugioh and the meta.


Episode 136 – Jinzo and Pre Ban List Talk

Who hasn’t flirted with the idea of a Jinzo deck? Kyle and Matt take spend some time play-testing and discussing Jinzo based decks, while also getting into a pre ban…


Episode 135 – Fish and Swaps and Madolches

A Combo-sode of sords! We talk about our experience with the spell card Fish and Swaps, while Justen gives an update on Madolches post Primal Origin.


Episode 099 – The Future Meta

Matt, Kyle, and Justen consider what the near future of Yugioh might become with the upcoming set, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy and the new Banned list.

Episode 096 - Banlist Predictions

Episode 096 – Banlist Predictions

The new banned list quickly approaches. Before it arrives, we talk about some of the cards and decks that might be hit.