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tourney talk

Tournament Experiences – E164

In this Episode: Matt, Kyle, Justen, Joe, and Rob discuss various aspects of the yugioh tournament atmosphere. Honorable Judge Rob shares the story of how he recently got banned from…


Blue-Eyes, Pendulums, Bosh – E163

In this Episode: A light, pre-bosh podcast where we talk about what yugioh efforts we’ve been making over the past month. Kyle’s been experimenting with his pendulum build, Matt with…


High-Speed Riders – E162

In this podcast we discuss the High-Speed Riders set!


Crossed Souls Impact – E158

There’s no way that Matt, Kyle, and returning guest Joe could miss talking about the Crossed Souls set release…no way at all.


World Superstars Talk – E157

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the latest World Superstars set release!


News and Regionals – E156

We discuss Yugiohs upcoming releases, as well as Justen and Kyle’s Regionals trip.


Episode 154 – Pre-Banlist Council

We discuss the Pre-Banlist meta, predictions, and the state of the game.


Episode 153 – General Discussion Mar 2015

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the current meta, news, and their feelings on the current game state!


Episode 152 – Those Secret Forces

Matt, Kyle, and Justen discuss the Secret Forces set release, some news, YCS plans and more!