Washington Regional Report (12/19/15)

There was a regionals, and their was Yugioh at it. Come listen to a story young ones.

Excuse the silly intro, but that aside, I did go to the most recent Washington Yugioh Regionals and I figured I just give a report. I honestly didn’t expect to do all that well, having basically never played against Kozmos or Pepe (which I think is just about the stupidest name for a deck the Yugioh community has come up with so far), and I got exactly what I expected ending with a record of 5-4. I decided against using Fluffals, which I was going to use initially because it was the only relatively “good” deck I owned that I had any experience with, but then I decided I might as well try to have a little fun by using a Pendulum deck I had little to no experience with in order to test out the waters. Below I have my pictured deck list I used, which now in hindsight I really dislike. After the event I really learned a whole lot about what I want to do with the deck so I’ll obviously be changing it in the future, and I’ll talk about my thoughts for what I’d like to do to the deck.Main Deck: 40

Monsters: (27)

  • 3 Dragonpit Magician
  • 1 Dragonpulse Magician
  • 3 Mist Valley Apex Avian
  • 3 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
  • 2 Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju
  • 3 Oafdragon Magician
  • 3 Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin
  • 1 Performapal Drumerilla
  • 3 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker
  • 3 Wisdom-Eye Magician
  • 1 Majespecter Racoon – Bunbuku
  • 1 Nobledragon Magician

Spells: (13)

  • 1 Odd-Eyes Fusion
  • 3 Pendulum Call
  • 2 Terraforming
  • 1 Summoner’s Art
  • 3 Wavering Eyes
  • 3 Sky Iris


Extra Deck: (15)

Fusion: (2)

  • 1 Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
  • 1 Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon

Synchro: (4)

  • 1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • 1 Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon
  • 1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon
  • 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon

XYZ: (9)

  • 1 Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon
  • 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
  • 1 Number 11: Big Eye
  • 1 Sword Breaker
  • 1 Performage Trapeze Magician
  • 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
  • 1 Majester Paladin the Ascending Dracoslayer
  • 1 Abyss Dweller
  • 1 Alchemic Magician


Side Deck: (15)

  • 3 Chaos Hunter
  • 1 Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju
  • 1 Samurai Cavalry of Reptier
  • 1 Denko Sekka
  • 2 Fire Hand
  • 2 Ice Hand
  • 3 Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1 Necrovalley
  • 1 Secret Village of the Spellcasters

All the games at this event where pretty quick, only lasting a couple of turns, so excuse my inability to remember some of the games, since a lot of the game where very similar and short so it’s hard to remember and differentiate some of them in my mind.

Round 1: Me vs. Jared (Pendulum Magicians)

Game 1: We’re running very similar deck builds. I end up using Wavering Eyes because he baits it with Archfiend Eccentric and then OTKs me with the Trapeze Magician + Utopia Beyond combo. It is at this moment I learn this combo exists. I sure wish I ran Utopia Beyond instead of Sword Breaker.

Game 2: He Roughs me up for a couple turns but he doesn’t end up taking me out completely and I reverse OTK him because pendulum format is garbage.

Game 3: He goes first and opens pretty good with a Apex Avian (aka Big Bird)and a friend. I counter with an elaborate play that forces his Avian negation and then I get to use Odd-Eyes Fusion as a follow-up play and pendulum my own Big Bird beside it. I also pop one of his scales, giving me pretty much complete control.

1 – 0

Round 2: Me vs. Colton (HEROs) 

Game 1: I go first and do some pendulum stuff ending with only a Unicorn in the monster zones 2 scales and a set Wavering Eyes. He normals a Bubbleman and then activates Mask Change on it, which I’m okay with. He summons Acid and tries to pop my spells and traps and I chain Wavering Eyes adding a Joker to hand. He attacks and I bounce Acid and my Unicorn. He sets some cards. I go, and set up some scales again and pop most of his backrow and whack for a lot. He takes another turn, but doesn’t amount to anything and I attack for game my next turn.

Game 2: He goes first and opens Goblindbergh into Shadow Mist searching Mask Change and sets two. I go and state my phases he has no response. I tribute his Shadow Mist for Kumongous, he searches Bubbleman. I blind MST and then make my scales and use Dragonpit to hit the other. I pendulum some stuff. I attack over the Kumongous and the Goblindbergh and end. He goes, I believe he makes a Castel and I use a Unicorn to bounce it and then he scoops.

2 – 0

Round 3: Me vs. Drew (Pendulum Magicians Pepe)

I don’t remember any of these game very well, but I do remember my opponent’s face very vividly because I kept sitting relatively near him in later rounds. According to my score sheet I OTK him in one turn 2 games in a row.

3 – 0

Round 4: Me vs. Corbin (Kozmo Artifacts)

Game 1: I go second, he opens subpar. I make a scale and pendulum summons an Apex Avian and a Unicorn. He thinks for a moment on his next turn then scoops.

Game 2: I go first, open really weak and end. He gets a free attack off with Farmgirl and then whacks me with a helmet ship and sets a lot. I blind Dragonpit and his an Artifact Sanctum ad he uses it to summon Scythe and I basically just scoop there.

Game 3: He juggles Scythes and I can never summon anything to combat him.

3 – 1

Round 5: Me vs. Connor (Pepe)

Had a lot of fun talking silly with this guy. Fun guy, fun game.

Game 1: Don’t remember what happens, but I win this game. He asks if I would side out Wavering Eyes if he did, and I say sure because I’m kind of whatever about regionals today.

Game 2: He opens with the Dracoslayer plus Plushfire nonsense. I make attempts to win, and eventually I get to the point where I almost take the game because I pop one of his scales and have an MST set for the scale he would search next turn with his in grave Damage Juggler, but he draws another scale that he needs, making my MST not helpful and he summons a bunch and ends my field.

Game 3: This game is less close, I go first, like I do a lot today and open poorly summoning nothing and he poos on my life really quickly.

3 – 2

Round 6: Me vs. Alister (Yang Zing)

Game 1: Back and forth for a while until I barely eek out a win.

Game 2: I have a low amount of options in my hand, but I do my only reasonable play and he synchros for Baxia during my turn to spin my scales two turns in a row making me lose.

Game 3: I’m hemorrhaging damage for a while until I setup a soft lock of sorts with Unicorn and Kumongous tributing his monsters and bouncing Kumongous with Unicorn. I slowly deplete him of all cards and then win.

4 – 2

Round 7: Me vs. Mario (Kozmo)

This guy goes to my locals, he’s pretty good, and he’s also running Kozmos, so I knew it would be rough.

Game 1: I do that thing where I go first and open bad and he chunks me with Farmgirl into helmet ship and my decks sucks at getting rid of ships and I lose.

Game 2: The game starts the same as game one, except this time I have a Kumongous to tribute his helmet ship with giving me a way easier time. I tribute the ship them pendulum an Avian giving me control and board presence and I ride the Big Bird to victory.

Game 3: Similar to game 1 again, except this time I follow-up with some stalling at first with pendulum bodies and Avian negates and then do super agro play using Vortex Dragon and Sword Breaker to attack through a helmet ship.

5 – 2

Round 8: Me vs. Benjamin (Kozmo)

More Kozmos. This match is really long, I just remember continuously struggling to get his helmet ships off the board and never drawing any Kumongous and losing 2 in a row. There are two judge discrepancies in this match and I learn some interesting rules. At this point I’m pretty confident my deck is garbage against Kozmos, so it needs adjustment in that regard.

5 – 3

Round 9: Me vs. Charles (Star Seraph Pepe)

Super quick game.

Game 1: I go first, do my standard do nothing opening with a Joker on board and that’s it. He OTKs me with a super elaborate play using Star Seraphs, Performages, Instant Fusion and a final pendulum summon of 2 monsters.

Game 2: I decide to go second, because I keep getting bodied when I go first. Naturally I open with the most amazing hand for going first. He opens with another elaborate play ending with a Naturia Beast. I draw, do nothing he attacks his next turn for game. Yay!

5 – 4


So changes to my deck I’d make, well, the side deck was pretty much pointless. I only really sided the 3 MST and the extra Kumongous. The rest were bad, except maybe the 1 Necrovalley, except it never was actually relevant because I never played any of the matches I sided it for. I’m not sure if I would run all of the Terraformings that support the Necrovalley in the future though. Drumerilla was a gimmick for me to attack over big ships in Kozmos with. Ideally I’d get a Drumerilla and a Meteorburst Dragon, but that’s just a pipe dream.

I’d like to main the 3rd Kumongous and main a bunch of draw power. I want to get to the broken yugioh as fast as possible so I would probably main 3 Upstart Goblin and 3 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars. I’d also be tempted to run Royal Magical Library, but that’ll just involve testing. my favorite interaction in the deck is the Kumongous plus unicorn combo, so I’m probably going to test a lot of builds focusing on that.

I’d drop Dragonpulse, Drummerilla and Racoon (unless I could get 3 copies because just the one didn’t warrant its usage enough for me). Dragonpulse I literally never use and never want to draw. Drummerilla was just a bad card. I’d probably drop down to 2 Sky Iris, and either 1 or zero Terraforming.

For the extra deck, I’d like to run more Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon and run Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. I wanted to run Rebellion Dragon to begin with but couldn’t get my hands on one before the event. As mentioned earlier, I’d like to run Number 39: Utopia Beyond instead of Sword Breaker and maybe I’d run a Norito the Moral Leader if I could get one. Ancient Fairy Dragon should just be a second Moonlight. I should simple drop Trishula, Dracossack and Abyss Dweller because I never summon them even if I have the opportunity.

That’s all for now, no article for next week though. Merry Christmas!

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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